Name Last modified Size Description [DIR] Parent Directory 22-Mar-2012 20:49 - [DIR] acd 16-Oct-2023 05:47 1k Show added, changed, or deleted files based on signatures [DIR] backups 08-Jun-2009 22:19 4k Handling incremental backups [DIR] capitalize 20-Mar-2010 18:59 4k Capitalizing sentences [DIR] editors 15-Jun-2009 14:55 4k Configuring VIM and other editors [DIR] ishostup 12-Jun-2009 14:59 4k Check system availability via cron [DIR] lastday 08-Jun-2009 14:27 4k Handling the last day of the month reliably [DIR] logfiles 29-Mar-2012 21:36 4k Automatically monitoring your logfiles [DIR] quick-cd 13-Oct-2010 14:31 4k Move to any of 62 directories in 3 keystrokes [DIR] ssplit 23-Jun-2015 19:01 4k Split files into lists by size [DIR] toolbox 05-Jan-2010 15:02 4k The horrifying bowels of my bin directory