Making VIM behave differently within a script

Sometimes I want vim to behave in a specific fashion for certain files, and the filetype extensions either do too much or not enough. In these cases, it's easiest to simply write a script that calls vim with a given macro package when certain conditions are met.

For example, the remark script can be used to create or append to a journal file, similar to a GNU-style ChangeLog. It assumes the filename is LOG unless you tell it differently.

Comments welcome.

 Name Last modified Size Description [DIR] Parent Directory 15-Jun-2009 13:10 - [TXT] remark 15-Jun-2009 13:16 1k Sets up vim to edit a diary or log file [TXT] remark.vim 15-Jun-2009 14:40 1k Macros used by remark script [TXT] timestamp 15-Jun-2009 14:41 1k Print a timestamp suitable for a log or journal entry.