Carpal tunnel, ergonomics

My wrists were acting up badly, and the one thing that helped most was taking 3 minutes a day to do a set of complete range-of-motion wrist exercises with really small dumb-bells (3 pounds or less). Holding the weights palm-up and rolling them from fingertip to palm and back really did the trick.

I correct shoulder pain by doing 5-10 very slow pushups just before bed, or by holding a dumbbell over my shoulder and letting my hand dangle over the back of the couch while watching TV. A few minutes of that and my arm turns to spaghetti, but it feels better in the morning.

I've been told that not getting enough B-vitamins drops the effectiveness of other supplements you take; they'll be washed out before the body can use them, and they tend to get eaten up faster when under stress. I also take cod-liver oil to keep my joints nice and gushy. Your doctor may disagree.

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